Freitag, 13. März 2015

From Burma to China

Because since the end of 2011, the Burmese - Chinese border is closed, we have our tour something must change. The Chinese part is omitted, but are more in the land of smiles on the way and also the trip to the“golden coast" with accepted into the program. This tour is my favorite tour of the tours of“China By Bike“ in Southeast Asia, because the route is not only breath robbing landscapes, passing through tiny fascinating sights and dreamy Burmese town. I take also a look at the cost Ferry Dover Calais.
The special feature of this tour for me, in addition to the impressive list of cultural monuments, which we will cycle along, especially the meetings with the Burmese. Tanaka yellow in the face, as a sunscreen and makeup and always a frank smile, the Burmese are for me the friendliest people in the world. The deep religiosity of the people and the ever-present in the form of temples, pagodas and Buddhist monks also make this trip a spiritual experience and cost Ferry Dover Dunkirkl.
The northern Burma is mainly inhabited by ethnic minorities, and thai we cycle to the first stupa, Buddhist shrines past that bear witness to hundreds of thousands across the country findenund of Theravada Buddhism. We stay in two small towns and can discover what everyday Chinese life, with dancing and sports in the early morning and in the evening and eat in small restaurants and local specialties. Here in Yunnan including wild yak wild mushrooms and smoked ham or beef, but Yunnan is also the region with the best potato pancakes outside of Germany !
According to BBC 90 percent of Burmese are practicing Buddhists, every man and many women have graduated from a time in a monastery as a monk or nun and Buddhism determines every aspect of life. It brings great spiritual merits to make a pilgrimage to the temple or even to donate a stupa and so there are left and right of the road countless of them. That this has always been so in the history of the country, witnessed by the gigantic Stupafelder of Bagan and on Inlee Lake. Dry prairie grass, goats and earth Stupa, also as far as the eye reaches, large and small, dilapidated and magnificently gilded systems, we will visit one day here.
Previously, we have cycling through the north of the country, learn the simple, yet peaceful life of the Burmese know and love the Tannaka with painted faces of women, children and men. Would you prefer to no longer put away the camera and the Burmese like to be photographed and give it a smile that you will not soon forget on my next Newcastle Amsterdam trip.
In Shan state, we make a detour to the boat and hike to a forest temple across fields with blooming sesame and past pineapple plantations. Fresh aromatic fruits make life for us here at a gourmet trip, everywhere on the road coconuts, pineapple and papaya are offered.
In addition to the Mandalay city with many historical monuments, we get to know the capital Yangon. Here the seething traffic and here is also the center of Buddhism in this country. Together with thousands of Burmese we experience a sunset on the Shwedagon Pagoda, where nightly monks, pilgrims and tourists gather.