Montag, 15. Juni 2015

On the way to Egypt

In the outback there are of course other animals like the Wombad, cockatoos, emus, lizards, parakeets, butterflies, and in the rivers and billabongs (water holes) large crocodiles. But a true feast for the eyes are the huge about 3 meter high termite mounds and of course the famous bush fires that erupt at regular intervals.
One of the next stops is the famous Kakadu National Park with a friend from Ferry Dublin Liverpool schedule on the east coast of Australia to the Great Barrier Reef. Also Brian was snorkeling announced here. This national park is owned by the Aborigines. And as befits a real globetrotter, we have tried here local food, which was very chaotic for us. As a specialty, there were, among others, alligator stew, potato peelers, hotdog and beating meat and emu meat. Here in Kakadu National Park you can meet the different types of kangaroos, and of course the cute koalas that one but do not run the same on the road. Also, they have to look in the trees you only.
It was important, of course, that we have seen in Australia, the Olgas, a rock formation, rock paintings and of course the famous Ayers Rock, the sacred mountain of the Aborigines. It is a true feast for the eyes, if you evenings gathered in front of the mountain and admired the sunset with a picnic and a glass of champagne. It is really true that the sun turns the mountain into a whopping chocolate brown color. We had the opportunity to climb Ayers Rock and walked to the next morning at sunrise going on.
Later, it would have been almost impossible, because the heat then would have been too large. On a chain it was the mountain in about 1 1/2 hours up similar to our last Ferry Dublin Holyhead discountholiday, quickly entered into the register book and again on the chain due to time constraints in about 1 /2 hours down. Although this climb was incredibly stressful, it is one of the many highlights Australia. With the van we went a few hours about 300 km and finally we arrived in the blistering heat at Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park. Although we already had a mighty sore muscles, we did not want to miss this experience.
We had now seen very much, but still it was open much. And so it went to the Blue Mountains, a huge forest with eucalyptus trees and unimaginable jungle giants. By the exhalations of the eucalyptus trees is a bluish glow above the woods - hence the name.
By air, it then went to Cairns and a small train passing waterfalls we went to the cable car. We wanted to enjoy the rainforest yet. But unfortunately us was the weather that day did not hold, it has poured and not a bird or other animals has shown us.
And now actually were only Melbourne and Sydney in front of us and then our trip was after about 4 weeks, go back to the end. Melbourne is a beautiful city of art and culture and well worth a visit. But even Sydney was fast approaching and here we wanted to climb the Harbour Bridge. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the rain. But we have the beautiful world famous sandy beach, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Tower and the Queen Victoria Building and Sydney looked Monorail used as a means of transport.

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