Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Our Trans-Siberian trip

It started well. With prickly step I approached the counter selected by me , the lady sitting there looking at me , no, she looked at me rather head to foot. In the same order , not vice versa. When I introduced myself to smiling and she just breathed to put this sale to purchase a ticket , she barked at me that I flinched before their sound alone I looked around and found no customers masses that had to be numerically called to order here. The lady just looked at me Falkland equal to, was obviously at least prior to a client who had to be just as called to order , and I gave her authority and backed away. She showed me the prospect Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg.
After a short search I found the waiting number -drawing machines, so I knew to date only from citizens and other agencies. What is the intention behind it to put right next to a ticket vending machine, opened up to me immediately, however, brought me to an idea. After another minute, I left this hospitable place with a ticket. The waiting number I had , however, drawn anyway, and it gave me a mischievous delight me imagine the consequences of my actions on the prospect Færge Frederikshavn Oslo.
The travel centre in Kassel- height would be put in fear , when they discovered that there a waiting number was drawn , which would never be used. I had been away too long , so what does rebellious. Outside received me a loud laughing peer. "Your ICE to Frankfurt is 130 minutes delay!.
" We 've been over this. How was the Trans-Siberian Railway , which broke in time to 5500 kilometers and five and a half day journey to the minute in Ulan Bator ? Let das. I said goodbye to mountain Holter and pressed peer. We were also on the trip back and was disconnected again, but now a lump in the throat sat at parting. "We see New Year's Eve " did speak well, then I got on the train to Baseland looked at the good Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam .
And then when I was sitting in this crowded thing, I was wistfully. The hallways were adjusted to luggage , because the design did not allow for overhead bins that are large enough to accommodate luggage. Where no luggage stand, stood , sat or lay people. No problem, I still knew of Thai trains. And in which there was neither a heater like this. But that did not matter because I still had a jacket there.
But eventually everything does not matter , the masses, the squeeze in the bistro , are friendly, and it shares the fate talks thereby nice. Then the train runs in Frankfurt , sister and nephew pick me up and it's time. I am with my family. All of a sudden. I'm home. After 15 months. All are there, all are healthy. Everything else is unimportant.
Time passed and it was Friday in Berlin. Having already wanted to sting Wednesday in Lake, but had done it just once in the next bay, we felt gradually a certain time pressure and hinted that it was time to weigh anchor. Although the weather was not very stable, we set sail on Friday.

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