Freitag, 10. April 2015

Ferry trip to China

I must have dozed off, because suddenly nudges me peer at the shoulder and mumbles something like this that we are " there" are. I overslept brabbele "Trinidad ? " What is lapidary "almost" dismissed with. And again reveals a detail of the Venezuelan people traffic. The Carritos only drive certain routes, you can not drive across the country with a Carrito. Still on the journey, our driver asked where his passengers have to go, so there is a short communication between the drivers and a flying change in the new vehicle on arrival in Carupano. I then looked at Ferry Belfast Cairnryan discount prospects.
But then it goes on, a new Carrito, this time a Buick, again this bubbling sound of a big block under the eternally long bonnet and around us the slowly sinking in the dark forest. Moment. Dark ? There was something ? This does not look good. While the driver seems to sense our haste and sweeping through the land as if he wanted to take us to Trinidad today, but nothing helps. Until six, when the sun has already gone down, we arrive at Güiria. The driver sets us up at the ferry company office, wishes us a happy farewell and five minutes later, we learn that the whole agitation was not necessary anyway. The switch has only up to five, we have to day it will come back to buy tickets.
But after all, we recommend the clerk, who remained still in office accommodation. And then shocked us to follow up with the information that we can not pay the card in Bolivar. The Venezuelan money would lose its value faster than you can spend it, we should rather pay in dollars or euros. Credit card is not a problem. Where we are now with our hair small remaining Bolivar counted the value of $ 240 like a good Ferry Belfast Liverpool trip, the nice staff can not tell us of course. Venezuelan Bolivar because you do not get exchanged abroad. And even then only at the official rate of one in four. Well clean.
So we check into the hotel and go for a shower on the lookout for ways to get rid of our money. How ironic ! Shaking his head, we go through the deserted streets of this small town and feed us how we were together for fourteen months the money while we were surrounded by a thousand temptations. Now we want to spend money, so it must be almost, and everything has to. No, not today Arepas roadside barbecue stands are too low. No, please no pizza, it should be indigenous, fish would be nice wine would be awesome.
After an hour we pass on. There is nothing to be done. There are no restaurants in Güiria, attired in the evening. Except one. The son of our hotel owner describes us the way. This, too, is not without irony. There is an Asian restaurant. So we spend the last night in Venezuela with shrimp, calamari, beer and halfway chinese -looking interior design, fall ball around in the beds and still have too much money. But, we think, from Christmas is coming, at least we will find souvenirs here.
So hastily got up and went with a cheerful song on their lips the next morning to the ferry. We immediately get our tickets, get way and formalities explained and at the end but then again shocked.

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