Montag, 13. April 2015

On the way to Kumkapi

That there is a risk to cross with a vintage Europe from south to north was always clear to us. That it really would be a premature end - because we never believed. A normal and probably also necessary adjustment, if one wants to achieve his dreams. The technical defect in the bus, who had accompanied us the whole trip, is getting worse. The last required spare parts are all consumed, replenishment is very difficult to get.
We are still a bit to France, then it's over. The Bulli can not start again and it's time to sober and objective to take stock. A detailed failure diagnosis is not on the way to get a repair very difficult, we are the many mishaps far behind schedule, concern for the vehicle pushes more and more to the forefront and becomes the dominant factor of the trip. Increasingly, there is also a race against the time of year - we do not want to risk the far north of Norway late in the year to achieve.
My fingers tremble a little when I enter the numbers in my phone to make the dreaded phone call and everything be decided by the automobile club. All of a sudden I realize the entire scope - Abort - no onward journey - we will not reach the North Cape this year. This means that no new photo film documentary, no lecture tour and no revenue. Occupational hazard.
Success and failure for collaborative approaches, the extraordinary, the projects are. At that thought, but it becomes clear very quickly how much these two terms are in the eye of the beholder. We have not reached our goal, but we have won are the many wonderful impressions and experiences of the past few weeks. This will forever belong to us and be a part of our family history and fast Ferry Holyhead Dublin.
And... the journey will continue. Under new conditions, probably next year. Because one thing has not changed in our minds - Dreams are there to realize it... At the break on the Metz Mountain Bilbo and Gandalf are tied with a long rope to two trees.“Everything that grows on the ground, they may eat", Armin Schneider had declared. In the panniers of bread, cheese and sausage waiting as a tonic to the walkers.
After lunch, the trail leads downhill. The donkey is progressing briskly, the muddy ground seems to matter to them. On the outskirts of Tawern they are always slower, stay and eat every two meters are. They ignore the pulling on the leash, behave exactly as you would expect from two stubborn donkeys and fast Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland.
The walkers are frozen solid, the stable is already in sight. They try to persuade the donkey to go on with dandelion, but the grass at the roadside lights so much greener. Finally, they give the insistence of the human companions after that. Five-thirty, the quartet returned to the stable. Six hours for twelve kilometers - the deceleration worked.
A Turkish friend gave me the tip, be sure to view the Kumkapi district on the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul. There we were given a wonderful insight into the lives of people. Fischer, who took little nutshells out to sea, tea and coffee seller on the boardwalk, families picnicking with a small grill on the lawn, adolescents who shot for a few lira to shotguns to bottles and in the middle my son and me.

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