Montag, 20. April 2015

With the car in Mongolia

I'm in late plane from Beijing to Ürumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province in the extreme Norwest China, where is next to the Han Chinese, especially Uyghur, Kazakh and Mongolian. After the view from the window just mountains and mountains and mountains and desert has shown it is quite fast green and then we end up in Ürumqi. I get quite fast my bike and screw it ready for use and then it goes to the heart of the city and Ferry Dublin Holyhead.
A good 30 kilometers are through the rush hour traffic and I still have no idea which area I should look for a hostel. So I buy a map and then search in the vicinity of the railway station, the hotel is too shabby, too expensive and another the next two full, but then I find what I need is a room for 18 € with shower, the wheel remains in the corridor and cost Ferry Cairnryan Belfast.
Directly opposite is a gigantic night - one kilometre after another, a state, a confection after another. Barbecue stalls with meat and fish, stews and small clay dominate bounce between Uyghur with baskets of melons and fresh fruit. This night market here is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, and besides me there is not one long nose far and wide.
The next day, I prefer I go at 9 clock off, the exit from the city is hard to find, as well as the branch in the mountains. But I meet some local riders who just returned from a mountain tour and we get immediately into conversations about cycling in China.
Then I finally got the right street and again it goes to the dry steppe landscape, from time to time there is a Uyghur village, sparse agriculture or a poplar grove. About midday dip on the horizon the first outlines of the mountains, thin blue lines, covered with snow. I slowly come closer to the mountains and then it's already strong uphill pedaling my butt is no longer used or the new saddle and I have a sore spot quite quickly on my butt, on the right side. These two weeks I will be the following function also no longer have to go on the right cheek continue on the new cost Ferry Cairnryan Larne.
In the afternoon, late afternoon, I went to the first side valleys, there are pine forests and green meadows and the road rises properly, the asphalt is poor, but the scenery beautiful and grandiose. This morning I started Ürumqi at 850 meters above sea level, now shows my GPS back in 2000, then I come to a small plateau and then emerge a few chimneys, coal power plant and cement shack spit dirty haze, but it is is the only place with accommodation in the environment. A hotel is not just a run-down, a kind of hostel with water and toilet on the corridor, the rooms are barely tolerable, but horrible gear and toilet, as well as the laundry room like in Prague.
The next morning I start early and move my breakfast, which was a mistake, because in the narrow valley, there is nothing but the raging river below the right and the cliff top left, thanks to a landslide even more truck traffic, which came to the constriction to a standstill, only I could wear over my bike. After 30 kilometers, then listen to the asphalt and the valley opens up a bit, then finally a Kazakh yurt camp and a good plov is quickly warmed up and then has to be enough for the rest of the day and is exhausting.

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